Asian Spread 101: What Is An Asian Handicap Soccer Betting?

One of the best ways to bet on soccer is with Asian handicaps. However, at first glance, Asian handicap soccer betting may appear confusing to most Singaporean punters.

Asian handicap betting is comparable to other types of point-spread betting. And limiting the number of possible outcomes that bettors must take into account, actually makes soccer betting simpler. So, what is an Asian handicap in soccer?

An Asian soccer handicap serves the simple objective of equalizing the action in games between teams that are not evenly matched. Moreover, it removes the possibility of a draw from the betting card.

What is Asian Handicap Soccer Spread?

The Asian handicap is a type of spread betting used in soccer. It is somehow similar to the run line or puck line in baseball or hockey. With soccer, it is just another word for spread betting, which is a gamble on the margin of victory.

The main distinction is that Asian soccer handicap adds fractions of goals to the spread, like 0.25 and 0.75.

To place a normal soccer wager, you must choose a team to either win the match handily or predict a draw. More specifically, you have three alternatives as a result: win, lose, or draw. With Asian Handicap Soccer Betting, the bettor has a choice between simply the two teams. However, to qualify as a winning wager, the favorite must triumph by a specific margin. So, what is Asian lines of soccer?

How Does Soccer Asian Handicap Works?

Asian Handicap odds seem a little different from standard soccer odds. The odds for a wager on a victory, loss, or tie in a game between West Ham and Tottenham would be as follows:

Man City-160

The fundamental odds would, however, look as follows in the absence of the draw:

Real Madrid-0.25

Any soccer match with an Asian Handicap of 0 essentially indicates that the teams are evenly matched. To win your bet, the team you backed must win.

If the teams tie, the bookmaker will return your wager because this style of soccer betting does not account for draws.

A “PUSH” occurs when your wager is returned.

How Does Asian Handicap Spread Work?

Your BetFull WinPartial WinFull LossPartial Loss
-0.25Win by 1 Or More Lose By 1 Or MoreDraw
+0.25Win By 1 Or MoreDrawLose By 1 Or More 
-0.5Win by 1 Or More Lose By 1 Or More
Or Draw
+0.5Win by 1 Or More
Or Draw
 Lose By 1 Or More 
-0.75Win by 2 Or MoreWin By 1Lose By 1 Or More
Or Draw
+0.75Win by 1 Or More
Or Draw
 Lose By 2 Or MoreLose By 1
-1.0Win by 2 Or More Lose By 1 Or More
Or Draw
+1.0Win by 1 Or More
Or Draw
 Lose By 2 Or More 

Asian Handicap Soccer Spread: Handicap 0.25

Consider Real Madrid and Barcelona are playing with a 0.25 handicap. Then, the odds would be as follows:

Real Madrid-0.25

What is 1/4 point spread in soccer?

Asian handicap 0.25 implies that Real Madrid is a quarter of a goal better than the underdog (Barca). A “quarter bet” effectively indicates that you have two ways to avoid losing your wager, which reduces your risk.

Therefore, if Los Blancos at -0.25 is the winner of your wager, you win. In contrast, if the game is a draw, it is regarded as a “half lose”. Furthermore, you will receive a refund of 50% of your initial wager.

Soccer Asian Handicap 0.5

With this stake, one team outperforms the opposition by a goal and a half.


These odds show that to win your bet, the favorite team must win hands-down. However, if the underdog wins or draws, the wager is deemed the winner.

For those who placed bets on Fulham as the favorite, the team would have to win the game hands-down, to be deemed the winner. However, because Liverpool is receiving a goal and a half lead, the payoff for bettors would only take place in the event of a win or a tie.

Asian Handicap Spread 0.75

This is probably the most intricate form of Asian Handicap betting. The odds would resemble something like this:


In this example, Newcastle is the betting favorite. So, if you bet on Newcastle and they win by two goals or more, your wager is a winner. Then, you will receive 50% of your wager returned if Newcastle won by just one goal. However, the other half would be considered a winner. Likewise, you would lose your wager if the favorite lost or drew.

Bettors would experience different results if Nottingham, the underdog, won the game. Here, you would win your wager if the team drew or win hands-down.

Also, you’d get half your money back if they lost by one goal, and the other half would be considered a failure. Moreover, your wager will be a loss if Nottingham loses by two goals or more.

Soccer Asian Handicap 1.0

This indicates that one team is one goal superior to the other. The odds would be as follows:

Manchester City+1.0

Newcastle, the betting favorite, would have to win by a margin of at least two. Your wager is reimbursed if Newcastle wins by one goal. In addition, your bet is regarded as a loss if the team completely loses.

On the other hand, Man City bettors would only win their wager if Man City wins. Your wager is lost if the underdog side loses by two or more goals. Your wager would be reimbursed in a tie.

Asian Handicap Soccer Betting Advantages

In summary, Asian Handicap soccer betting is a fantastic strategy to reduce risk, even though it could initially seem unclear. The Asian Handicap gives you a one-in-two chance to at least break even, as opposed to a standard wager that offers gamblers a one-in-three chance to win. Furthermore, the majority of soccer bookmakers will offer handicap odds, whether you’re betting on the Champions League or Liga MX.

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